Uniquely hand crafted by local artisans, no two pieces are alike.
Each Pomi truly exalts the love for “Made in Italy.”

Pomi d’Umbria© is a hand-crafted, carefully formulated designer fragrance from the Umbria region of Italy.  The fragrance is made up of 10% essential oils, accompanied by locally sourced ingredients featuring the cool scent of berries, fruity wood and tobacco, with final notes of amber, white musk and vanilla.  The three ceramic caps capture the shapes of the ancient fruits of the Umbria region: the Monteleone Pear, the Conventina Apple and the Merangola.  The ceramic caps are made by local Umbrian artists who add their signature to every piece through a handmade print on a plaster cast, an old handcrafted technique dating back to the Greek culture and highly used in the Umbria ceramic tradition.  As a result, no two pieces are alike.  Pomi d’Umbria© produce by Initinere is brought to you in the United States exclusively by Umbria, and can be found on our website as well as in select retail stores.


Discover the Ancient Fruits of Umbria

The Monteleone Pear

Nicknamed the Duck Pear for its small beak shape, the Monteleone Pear is native to the area of Amerino—Orvietano.  It is often found on the tables of farmers thanks to its long-lasting capabilities and its ability to create nourishing meals with just a few ingredients.

The Conventina Apple

The Conventina Apple takes us to the area of Gubbio. Benedictine monks used it to cultivate the orchards, while families used it as a natural fragrance for their home thanks to its well-defined scent.

The Merangola

Also called the Intense Orange, the Merangola is the ancient pome from the area of Ternano. During Christmastime, it was a gift most sought by children.

Pomi d'Umbria © Initinere

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